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Proposal to Mr. Elliot

Dear Mr., Elliot,
The Diversity Club/GSA of Satellite High are planning to participate in the National Day of Silence this April 9,2003. We have three days of events leading up to the Day of Silence, with the final day, Wednesday April 9, concluding the events.
The first day of our “week of prevention” will take place on Monday April 7. During lunches 1-4, a table will be set up on the senior patio with club members over-seeing signups. Students wishing to participate in the Day of Silence must sign up, including their name, grade and first period teacher. There will also be a poster up featuring 3(????) victims of hate crimes. Each spotlight will include a short but sweet biography about the victim and what happened to them. (The only photos included will be tasteful pictures of the person, such as a school photo.) There will also be a place for students to make a donation to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.
Tuesday will again be sign up days with more victims of hate crimes being recognized. Students will again have the chance to make a donation to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.
On April 9, members of the Diversity Club/GSA will use the signup sheets and allot “pledge cards” to participating students in their first period class. During lunch, a teacher luncheon will be offered to any teacher in Mrs. Miles’s portable (#9) the portable will also act as a “safe spot” incase any students experience cases of harassment during the day.
If you would like any more information, please feel free to contact Mrs. Miles in portable 9; she would be more then welcome to gather it for you.

Thank you for your support and cooperation,
The Satellite High Diversity Club/GSA
Sarah Yerves
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