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Just a Quick Update on Day of Silence

Hey everyone, Just to update people on what we got accomplished last week...
okay, Thursday we had a tiny meeting, the 5 or so of us got some about 4 posters done and a bunch of little construction paper-sized posters (to post up in teachers' rooms) completed as well. Nick came around, hell, I dont remember the time haha, and I called the t-shirt company, was routed to the tshirt guy (who wasnt home) so we decided to use a member's tshirt iron on program to do our shirts. Nick whiped us up a creepy (but cute) scorpion with an X over his mouth and a sign around his neck reading something like "Day of Silence 4/9." So sometime this week (hopefully) we can meet and make up some snazzy tshirts.

Then on Friday I gave the proposal to Mr. Elliot 2nd period, got called down to Mrs. Anderson's office 3rd period with a list of things that had to be changed/added, and I got out of 4th period and went to Mrs. Miles's room to fix it. I returned to Administration and brought our completed posters to get approved. I wasnt called back down to their offices 5-6th period, so I'm hoping that everythings A-OK with it. Then I went back to Miles's portable 6th and made some more little posters.

Monday before school/during 1st period we have to cover the school and classrooms in the posters. Also, I'm gonna do some more research on victims of hate crimes to make 3 posters (1 for each day) featuring 3 people each day. (So 9 total) I already have 3, Matthew Shepard, James Byrd Jr. and one girl (the name has escaped me at the moment) So I have 6 to go. Anyone with any suggestions, please email me:

So I guess thats it, talk to everyone later
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