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4/10/03: Following the Day of Silence

Earlier, DoS was explained; purpose, and sentiments. Yesterday was the actual day, and there are a few things that we addressed.

Most of the feedback we got was actually negative. Most of us got really stressed out by blatant insults that the general population of badge-wearers recieved. Each one was categorized as a faggot, or something degrading as such. No names will be mentioned here, but a great deal of people upset us, even so-called supporters.

It really put things into perspective for us. We know exactly who is reachable, and who is on our side, or at least will give us a decent amount of repsect. The majority was against us.

This is a very negative area of the states. Many visitors comment on how unfriendly everyone here is, and it's true. Some people fail to even make their own judgments anymore, but they will conform to what others think, even if they inwardly respect it. They are so afraid to speak out, that they will just keep the cycle of abuse going. It's getting harder and harder to want to be yourself.

We have to work on a new approach. We need to work not so much on everyone because some people obviously can't handle adulthood, even adults. We should focus on keeping our heads high and not be afraid to help people be themselves. They still can't scare us, they just help us become more aware.
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