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The Art of Coming Out

"It's not that we're not ready to speak, it's that they aren't ready to listen."

It's not unusual for a person to feel like they have to hide things today. The world is constantly watching you, and they wait for some flaw to show up so they can prove to you how much better they are. The truth is, most people can't be honest with themselves and others, and by letting people know who you are you are already one step ahead of the game.

Then you have ton consider who has you under the most pressure to succeed. The people you love and trust the most can be the hardest people to talk to about something you've known for years. You've spent so much time with them, and yet they know very little about you.

Coming out is a strength few GLBT teens lack. It's a form of art, if you will. The hardest part to master is keeping the pride. You can tell family or friends, and let their insults get the best of you, and then you hate who you are. It's something that very few people can accept, no matter what they say. A family can be diverse, but still cringe at the thought of raising a gay child. At least you have admitted it to yourself. That is the first step.

Then you want your friends to know, since you trust them to stay with you through everything. In most cases, it's harder to tell family than friends. Some familes never know. It's a little daunting to hear that kids are most afraid to talk to the people that are supposed to love you unconditionally. Once your classmates know what you are about, and you ignore the ones that you know aren't your true friends, you start to feel better about coming out afterall.

No one can tell you what to say, or prepare you for how people will react. You have to be prepared for the worst, and hope for acceptance. You'll know who is on your side should you decide the time is right to let people know. The strength lies within you. You know yourself better than the average person, even adults, and that is the art of coming out.
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